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The INVOKANA® HCP Central app puts a wealth of information about INVOKANA® and type 2 diabetes at your fingertips. See below for the many resources and tools that will provide extra support for you and your patients in managing type 2 diabetes. Download the INVOKANA® HCP Central app now.


INVOKANA® HCP Central App for iPad® and iPhone®


The free INVOKANA® HCP Central app is designed for an iPad® or iPhone® to provide the latest prescribing and clinical information for US-based healthcare professionals. The app offers many features and assets you'll find useful for your practice and your patients with type 2 diabetes. With the INVOKANA® HCP Central app you can:

  • Explore breaking news, videos, and resources
  • Access tools to educate your patients about type 2 diabetes and treatment with INVOKANA®, including culturally relevant tools and resources for your Hispanic patients
  • Enroll your patients in Janssen CarePath for INVOKANA® for ongoing support tools, prescription co-pay savings, and refill reminders
  • Use the renal function estimator with 2 calculation aids: creatinine clearance and MDRD eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate)
  • Find formulary coverage, insurance coverage, and cost by region

This app is not a medical device. The app and the information generated from it should not be used as a basis for any diagnosis, monitoring, management, or treatment. The app is intended for use as an educational tool. Any calculations should be verified using traditional scoring techniques and clinical judgment.

MDRD=Modification of Diet in Renal Disease study equation. Used to calculate eGFR from serum creatinine.
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