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Find coverage information for patients in your area

Janssen is dedicated to making INVOKANA® affordable and accessible for all patients. INVOKANA® is accessible with coverage for the majority* of people across the nation.1

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Collected in [mm/yy] and may change.

This percentage may not represent 100% of formulary lives due to data limitations

This information is not a promise of coverage or payment. It is not intended to give reimbursement advice or increase reimbursement by any payer. Legal requirements and plan information can be updated frequently. Contact the plan for more information about current coverage, reimbursement policies, restrictions, or requirements that may apply.

*"Majority" means that ≥51% of lives are covered.

Prior Authorization (PA) and/or Step Therapy (ST): This plan requires the physician to gain prior approval for use of this product, and/or requires the patient to step through and fail an alternate product before this product is dispensed.

Please see below for details regarding references.